Our Mission

Enhancing Education

Berthoud School Fund’s mission is to enhance educational opportunities for Berthoud students by providing resources to prepare them to be successful in the 21st century.

We provide supplemental funds above and beyond what’s available with Thompson School District funding. We do not replace TSD funding—we enhance it.

We Support Our Schools With:
1. Technology or classroom tools
2. Workplace readiness initiatives
3. Experiential learning or enrichment activities
4. Social-emotional or mental health activities
5. Curriculum-based tools

In 10 Years the BSF has Raised $1,412,000 to Provide:

  • 500 + Chromebooks & more on the way to reach goal of computer access for every student
  • 137 additional computers
  • 34 Promethean Boards
  • STEM lab, gear, training, & field trips
  • Maker space for young creators
  • 35 art drawing tablets
  • 26 cameras / camcorders
  • 80 Auditorium seats
  • 24 Robotic kits
  • Broadcast / remote learning lab
  • Software, licenses, small classroom wares… too many to mention

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