About The Berthoud
Schools Fund

(The BSF – to those in the know.)

We Help Build Up Berthoud Schools!

The Berthoud Schools Fund (BSF) was established in 2008 with the sole purpose of providing supplemental funds (those beyond those that can be provided by the school district) for equipment and instructional resources.  Operating under the umbrella of the Thompson Education Foundation (a registered 501(c)3), the BSF is able to guarantee all donations are tax-exempt.  The Foundation also provides bookkeeping, accounting and other business services for a nominal fee.

The decision on how funds are allocated begins with the BSF board and each school’s principal.  The principals provide a “wish list” of their greatest current needs.  The board then distributes the funds after determining need, immediacy and impact on our students.

What Kind of Resources
Does the BSF Provide?

To date, the BSF has been able to provide Promethean (interactive white) Boards and projectors, document cameras, laptop computers, netbooks, ipads, Kindles, flip cameras and club support, as well as, other educational materials.

Why Give to The BSF?

You can directly impact the future of our students!

We have 10 years of experience working with Berthoud schools and helping meet their needs. Through our annual, signature event – The Berthoud Bash – we’ve delivered on our promise to provide our schools with equipment and instructional resources they need.

BSF, as a group, does not get involved in school policy issues or in the workings of PTO and sports’ booster organizations.

All members of the BSF board of directors reside in the Berthoud schools’ attendance area and either currently have or have had students in our local schools.

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